Home Improvements: What Additions Maximize Your ROI?

Posted by Nicole Jaffe // July 3, 2014

Deciding which home improvements add the most value to a property remains one of the biggest challenges facing both homeowners and real estate investors. Installing the right home improvements can maximize your return on investment (ROI). All too often, misconceptions result in terrible remodeling choices. Those implementing poor home improvements may fail to create additional […]

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The 10 Most Useful DIY Tools

Posted by Nicole Jaffe // July 1, 2014

Attempting home improvements without preparation can ruin do-it-yourself endeavors, especially when you realize you’re missing essential tools mid-project. As most DIY aficionados know, interruptions can lead to unfinished or forgotten ventures. Even experienced remodelers occasionally overlook tools, such as special screwdriver heads or angled paint brushes, and jeopardize best results. Avoid headaches by keeping several […]

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Maximizing Outdoor Real Estate Marketing ROI

Posted by Nicole Jaffe // June 27, 2014

How can real estate professionals and companies maximize their outdoor advertising ROI and achieve superior results? Outdoor marketing remains one of the staples of lead generation for solo investors, real estate brokerages, independent Realtors, and national home builders. If anything, outdoor real estate marketing is surging as the U.S. real estate market rebounds. For both new and existing […]

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New Investors: Which Real Estate Investing Strategy Is Best?

Posted by Nicole Jaffe // May 30, 2014

Which is the best real estate investing strategy to start out with for new investors? Is it wiser to start out wholesaling houses or building a portfolio of single-family rental homes? Are there any other options? Is becoming a Realtor an even better first move? There are probably more ways to invest in real estate than most are aware […]

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